Monday, 7 March 2016

9 Easy Steps for Buying a Boat Online - AdamSea Online Boat Sales Engine

Between the Auction Room, search engine and detailed listings, the AdamSea platform makes purchasing a boat extremely simple. If you are falling down the endless hole of internet searching, trying to figure out the best way to buy that yacht you have been saving for, AdamSea is here to direct you. AdamSea offers you to the right tool to Buy Boats Online.

Check out how simple the search and buying process is by looking at these 9 easy steps.

  1. Start looking through the listings which give boat info and photos. If you already know the kind of boat you want to purchase, you can head to the homepage and click on the link for that particular boat.
  2. Once you have chosen your ideal boat, you can make a price offer to the seller as many of the prices listed are negotiable or purchase for the listed price if the boat is not listed as negotiable. If you choose to bid in the Auction Room, you will be notified if you win.
  3. In order to inform a seller that you are interested in purchasing a boat, or in the case of wanting to negotiate, you will click the "Confirm Your Order" button. This will alert the seller that you are ready to purchase the boat at their given price, or give you the chance to negotiate the price with the seller until you are both happy. Once the price is agreed upon, the AdamSea engine will take care of the rest and lead you through the steps to complete purchase.

  4. Click the "Estimate Cost" button to get a total cost of the boat including taxes, surveyor cost, payment fees, item cost and inspection. You will then have the option to pick your choice of payment.
  5. You will be prompted to request an AdamSea Surveyor to inspect the boat. This part is mandatory to make sure the boat is safe and in operating condition. Your payment will go to an escrow account until the inspection is made and a report is filed.
  6. Wait for about three business days for the surveyor to visit the boat seller and inspect the boat. Upon completion, they will send the report, photos and video straight to your AdamSea account.
  7. Funds will continue to be held until all conditions are met.
  8. You will use AdamSea to request price quotes from shipping companies. When you find a shipper and price that you like, you arrange for the boat to be shipped to you with the shipping company you have chosen. This transaction is separate and payment will be between you and the shipper.
  9. When the boat is received and all conditions have been met, the escrow money will be released to the boat seller and the transaction will be complete!
That is it! You have full control of your purchase with plenty of guidelines to help you make the right choice and a safety net to make sure it gets to you in top shape.

AdamSea provides an Online Boat Sales Engine for new and used boats for sale, Charter, Yacht Services and Marina & Storage worldwide.


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