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The Process for Selling Your Boat Online - AdamSea New and Used Boats for Sale

Selling your boat on AdamSea New and Used Boats for Sale may just be the simplest way to make a sale. With the straight forward platform and step by step process, it's possible to start making some earnings right away. If you still aren't sure about how it will work, here is a break-down of the process for selling your boat.
Adamsea New And Used Boats for Sale

Make Your Listing

This is where the magic begins. From your AdamSea dashboard, click on "Manage Boats," then find the blue button labeled "Ads" and click that too. After this step, a form will pop-up asking you to fill out all of the juicy details about the boat or yacht you have for sale. Once you have completed it with as many details as possible, read the "Boats Agreement Fee Service," agree and hit the "Save" button. Your listing is now all ready to go and visible to possible buyers.

Do a Little Negotiating

When a buyer is interested in your vessel, you will receive their offer via email. Once you confirm that the boat is still available, you can accept, deny or negotiate the offer. Think about what is in your best interested and what is fair for the buyer and then decide on a price that you will accept. AdamSea worldwide online marine community for buyers, sellers and all marine services.

Get Ready For The Inspection

When selling a boat through AdamSea, an inspection is mandatory. They buyer will initiate a surveyor inspection and will pay a fee for someone to come out and look over your boat, making sure it is ready for the sale.
AdamSea - Online Boat Sales

AdamSea - Online Yacht Sales Engine

Get Certified

The surveyor will come see your boat and do a comprehensive inspection of the exterior, engine and interior.

Wait For The Report

After your boat has been inspected, the surveyor will send over an official report to an AdamSea approval agent. This will officially give the green light to go forth with the sale.

Make An Agreement

If all has gone well with the inspection and approval, an email will be sent out to both you and the buyer. Once this happens, you both are free to make an agreement and continue with the sale. Visit The AdamSea Boat Sales Engine to find out how they can help!

Money Time

The buyer will pay the agreed upon amount to escrow where the funds will be held until they successfully receive the vessel.

Ship It Away

The buyer will send quotes out to shipping companies until they find one for the right price. Once they decide, the shipping company of their choice will come pick the boat up from you and deliver it to its new owner.

That's it guys! With this step by step process, you will just have to follow a few directions, negotiate a price and sit tight for your cash. Happy selling!

AdamSea provides an Online Boat Sales Engine for new and used boats for sale, Charter, Yacht Services and Marina & Storage worldwide.


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