Saturday, 29 September 2018

Do You Need Assistance To Buy And Sell Your Yacht?

If your answer is in the affirmative, then Adam Sea has a lot to offer. The company is an online marketplace of marine requirements and buying, selling, and renting of the boats/yachts. They have their physical presence in Canada but the company is adept to offer noteworthy services across the globe. The membership in the site is absolutely free. Whether the clients want to sell, buy, or rent the vessel, Adam Sea should be the optimum choice for them because they are highly professional in their approach. The experts in the company inspect all the vehicles which are listed with the site so that their services are always worthy of appreciation. The users looking for services like buy and sell your yacht have good reviews about the services offered by them.
In the sellers section, the company welcomes the single sellers, yacht builders, and yacht brokers. These people have got a strong podium to showcase their products and expect a good price. The people who can afford to buy the vessels would definitely like to own the product after proper inspection. The experts in the company ensure that the products listed in their site are all inspected and then uploaded.
The Seller Dashboard designed in the site gives the opportunity to the Single sellers to put up their product in the website of the company without bothering the design their own website.
For the buyers also, the site has taken much care and designed a page with the Buyer’s tips and a perfect guide. This can be very helpful to them to make the right decision to purchase the vessel of their choice. They can take care of all the pointers and then make the right decision. After lot, lot of money is at stake and the deal should a fair one for both the parties; buyers and the sellers.

The site is extremely user-centric and friendly. Thus the optimum services should be expected out of them because the experts are trained professionals. The rented segment is also very useful for the people who want to take a vessel on hire for their personal reasons. They can get the one which suits their requirements. Every client is important for them and they treat all as equal. Hence they have created a niche for their products in the related field and have earned high respect and reputation in the related field.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Online Yacht Brokers Can Extend The Best Quote

online yacht brokers
The marine industry has interesting water vehicles to offer to the varied customers. Whether individual buyers or corporate; the requirements of the buyers may differ. Adam Sea is one such name in the marine industry in Canada which has acquired a reliable name. They are engaged in providing buyers and sellers a viable platform for the buying and the selling of the marine vessels. It is a huge online marketplace for the marine requirements of the clients. Their global presence is very strong and is offering services to the customers across the world. They are the perfect online yacht brokers who have complete knowledge of the marketplace.

Yacht buyers and sellers have found an amazing marketplace for the necessary transactions and services. The buyers and the sellers are assured of the services which are unmatched in the related field. For more information, it is highly recommended that the users should surf the website of the company and get the optimum answers to their queries.

As they are the broker company, they ensure that the selling tactics offered by them is highly reliable. The buyers are also sure to get the best deal and the transactions carried out by them are fair. The website claims to be the best place for the selling of the yachts. The entire world becomes a marketplace for the selling and the buying of the yacht. The sellers/buyers have to enrol and become the member with the site. After the completion of this formality, the buyer or the seller can proceed with the doings.

The users get access to the entire globe after the profile is complete. They should upload the photos of the yachts for better response. The success rate of the users is also impressive on the platform. The payment and the shipment proceedings of the company are highly reliable.

Following are the steps involved in the selling of the yachts:

    • My Boat: Information regarding the vessel can be updated in the site.
    • Negotiation: if the buyer and seller are open to negotiating the price; then it is the second step.
    • Certify the boat
    • Report
    • Agreement
    • Payment: options of bank to bank transfer are available. PayPal payment can also be initiated.
    • Shipment: the company offers highly reliable shipment of the yachts in the different parts of the world.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Buying a Yacht Online? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Boats and yachts are some of the fanciest investments you can make in your life especially if you are incredibly fond of the seas. A lot of people prefer buying secondhand boats which are previously cared for so that they know the boat runs well and was in the hands of a good owner previously. If you are looking to buy a boat or a yacht, thanks to the internet, you can do this online too! That’s right. You don’t have to waste time meeting people offline when you can easily purchase your dream yacht online! You can browse through different secondhand boats and sale yacht online on reputed websites like Adam Sea who have some of the best reviews and ratings online from clients and customers. The best part about shopping from trusted and reputed websites is that you can be assured that the entire process is going to be guaranteed for the best price and product quality online. Not just that, they also ensure that you get the best after sale service too!

Sale yacht online can be bought either on credit card or a full cash payment depending on the type of website you are purchasing this from. A lot of websites act as a mediator between the buyer and the seller where the seller usually prefers hard cash. This is the best form of payment accepted across the world, so it is best to keep cash ready. When you go through reputed companies online for the sale and purchase of brand-new or second-hand boats online, you can enjoy the convenience of using debit or credit cards online.

Apart from that, be sure to care for your yacht by hiring a professional boat technician for regular checkups. You can also hire the professional and reputed boat technician to check the boat during the time of purchase so that you can cut down the price in case of any damage issues. This way, you can have your boat technician fix the boat and charge the seller the cost price of the entire servicing as well as fixing process.

Contact Information -
Adam Sea
100 King St West, First Canadian Place
Toronto, Ontario

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Online Service Providing Brokers For Yachts & Diversified Marine Services

Traveling on the sea could be a fascinating experience. That is the reason most of enthusiast travelers from across the world prefer hiring a yacht charter for the most memorable traveling experience. Providing luxurious charter yachts on hire and organizing tours for groups is a lucrative business.
Online platform for buying the yachts:

The internet has brought a great deal of convenience and comfort into our life; so is the ease provided in the process of buying and selling yachts. Exclusive online service offers easy access to yacht brokers worldwide. Brokers can register themselves on the exclusive platform for marine services and list the available options of brand new or used yachts with them conveniently. Brokers won’t even require setting up their website when they are listed at the most trusted online platform across the world for marine services.

The broker would have tie ups with most reputed manufacturers or yacht builders that can design and build yachts according to the customers’ requirements. At the same time buyers can also get references for used yachts through the brokers to optimize their budget while procuring yachts for starting the business or expanding the existing operations.

One stop shop for diversified marine services:
Aspirants looking to
  •   Buy or sell yachts,
  •  Rent out yachts or charter; and
  •  Listing marina and storage

can do so through the exclusive online platform for comprehensive yacht and marine services.The online service has a wide range of services with markets from across the globe.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Online Platform To Rent Luxury Yachts For Memorable Private Tours & Events

yachts for hire
Enthusiastic tourists across the globe are always looking for the best breaks from their hectic routine at work. Apart from visiting historical monuments and architecture, parks and gardens; adventure tourism is preferred these days.

Private and group yacht tours can be an exciting traveling experience that include visits to sandy and sunny beaches and involve activities such as fishing and watersports. There are exclusive online platforms that offer yachts for hire at various coastal destinations. At AdamSea travelers can look for a variety of available options in different locations.

Hiring yachts for tours
The aspirant tourist can look for yachts for hire online at AdamSea making the most use of the filters provided. Travelers can make reservations for yachts well before their arrival at the tourist destination to avoid the last minute rush.

    • Yachts can be searched per desired destination of travel. People that don’t have any plans might find different fascinating options of tourist locations while browsing AdamSea; this is the most reliable online platform for renting yachts.

    • Another fantastic option would be to rent luxury yachts along with  experienced crew members. This will allow a group of travelers to enjoy the trip hassle free. There are agencies that offer luxury yachts for hire along with  licensed crewmen; as well as professional chefs to prepare delicious food that is served by stewards to the guests.

    • Organizing events such as birthday parties, weddings and other celebrations on the yacht hired through AdamSea can be another option as well. The participants or the invitees would enjoy the trip and the luxurious arrangement of food and drinks and remember the event for years ahead.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Tips To Buy Yachts For Sale From AdamSea

When you want to make an investment, you can think of a range of products. However, nothing can beat buying new yachts for sale.

When buying a yacht, there are many things that need to be kept in mind. Whether you are buying used yachts for sale or new yachts, many factors should be prioritized. For instance, think of the kind of yacht, the funds needed for maintenance, and also your budget.

Mentioned below are some tips that will help you buy the perfect new yachts for sale;

1. The type of boats

When you visit AdamSea, an online marketplace for boats, you will find different types of boats with different specifications and needs. From fully customized ones, to semi customized and production line ones.

2. Size

The size of yachts is extremely important. These days, there are various sizes available and it’s essential to pick the perfect one. Small sizes will be sufficient if you are using it for personal use; on the other hand, you need a bigger sized yacht for adventure.

3. Budget

Budget plays a very essential role when it comes to yachts. Perfectly frame the budget and accordingly make the purchase. Search good financing sources. Of course, you will have to recover the ownership costs right?

No doubt, yachts are expensive at times. Even maintenance costs are important; you have to take that into consideration as well. Proper upkeep is necessary and for that, a good amount of money is needed as well.

Once you take all these things into consideration, purchasing is going to be super-easy for you. Go step by step and exercise caution in every way.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Top Tips For Selling A Yacht

If you’re a true yacht lover, then you probably have a brilliant collection of boats or yachts that suit your key preferences and requirements. There may be situations where you decide to Sell A Yacht or boat that you no longer use or has become outdated. This blog will familiarize you with some of the simplest tips on selling a yacht.

(1) Focus on the condition of your yacht

Like real estate the idea of selling a yacht should be accompanied by paying special attention to the basic condition of the yacht. You should make every possible effort to keep your yacht clean and tidy. By keeping your yacht spotless, you are increasing the count of potential buyers for your yacht.

(2) Determine a competitive price for your yacht

Since every yacht is unique; its price is also different. You shouldn’t decide on a selling price based on having a glimpse at the prices that are being charged by other yacht sellers in the marine market. Instead, you should set a lower price for your yacht in order to attract maximum buyer attention and also speed up the sale of the yacht.

(3) Get your yacht listed on a leading online marine marketplace

One of the most effective means of selling your yacht is to get it listed on one of the leading marine marketplaces available online. AdamSea has emerged as one of the finest web-based marine marketplaces where you can list your used or new yachts for sale or auction, even if you’re looking to choose a platform where you can sell boat charter services, AdamSea is an online marketplace you can trust.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Handy Tips On Finding Used Boats Online

If you’re passionate about exploring water, then you’d definitely be interested in owning a huge collection of boats. Well, you can go ahead and find Used Boats Online. Such boats are absolutely affordable and available in a commendable condition. Through this blog, I’ll be sharing a few simply tips that can be followed for determining the used boats online. So, let’s hop onto these tips now!

1.       Decide on the amount you are willing to spend

Since there are numerous Boat Dealers Online and each dealer offers a different price for some or the other used boat, it is important to decide about the total amount that you’d be spending on the purchase of the chosen boat. AdamSea is a superb online marine marketplace wherein you can get in touch with the most trusted boat dealers online and go ahead with purchasing the finest boat at a reasonable cost.

2.      Have a glimpse at the collection of the boat dealer

Before picking up a used boat, it is recommended to gather complete details about the collection of used boats that are on sale. You must also ensure to check the date of manufacturing for the used boat that has been listed for the purpose of selling.

3.      Compare the rates of used boats offered by different online boat dealers

AdamSea has evolved into a well-known marketplace where the boat dealers meet and finalize deals. You can also opt for getting in touch with providers of worldwide marine services. Before finalizing a deal for a used boat, make it a point to compare the prices of used boats offered by different dealers. Doing this would enable you to have a clearer idea about the genuine prices of used boats in the online marine marketplace.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Visit the Best Sunset Spots on Your Luxury Boat Rental Worldwide

Register as a Luxury Boat Rental Company on

Soak up the sunshine, blissful white-sand beaches, islands, lagoons and scintillating sunsets on a Luxury Boat Rental holiday in these leading winter destinations worldwide.

The Maldives is among the most luxurious travel destinations nowadays and lures numerous travellers and boat charterers. The islands are renowned for the pink-hued sunsets and sparkling beaches which create a romantic ambience for adults and a wonderland for kids.

Seychelles conjures electrifying images of the sun reflecting off the pristine sand, turquoise water and blazing sunsets. Get your thrills from an extensive range of on-shore and on the water activities. Fall in love with the coral reef, nature reserves and islands which are home to exotic birds, bright flowers and plentiful greenery.

Mauritius is a cosmopolitan destination with a mix of different languages and cultures. It is also a popular hub of catamarans and sailing boats. Soak in the stress-free ambience within verdant natural surroundings and enjoy a round of golf or the luxury spa facilities.

Thailand is a fun loving, exotic, tropical, cultured yet historic boat charter destination. Sample the appetizing Thai cuisine, interact with the welcoming locals and see the glorious architecture onshore. Boating enthusiasts are also lured by the large-scale development project of its marinas.

Diving, fishing, cruising along the reef-lined beaches and soaking up the sun on the beautiful beaches is what it's all about on a Luxury Boat Charter holiday to The British Virgin Islands. Spend a peaceful day sunbathing on the soft-sand beaches or go snorkelling and get your thrills from water-sports.

Go for a dip with the vibrant sea life of the Great Barrier Reef or see the most beautiful beach worldwide on your Whitsundays boat rental holiday. Spread ceremoniously through the Coral Sea the sandy periphery of these 74 islands offer splendid views of awe-inspiring sunsets.

With its surreal surrounds, St-Barth is predictably a destination of choice for the elite. Gustavia is the capital of St Barths and is renowned for its high-end restarts, boat-filled harbour, boutiques and historical tourist attractions.

These are the Top Sunset Spots to Visit on Your Luxury Boat Rental holiday worldwide...

Once you have found the right Luxury Boat, Book with

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AdamSea for Shippers

AdamSea for Shippers

AdamSea attracts new boat manufacturers and used boat/yacht sellers and buyers in one marketplace requiring the same service: shipment. By registering with AdamSea and becoming a partner, you gain access to shipping opportunities to destinations all over the world. Every time a sale is made through AdamSea, all shippers who are registered with AdamSea will receive an email giving them the opportunity to submit a shipping quote to the buyer.

AdamSea connects worldwide boat sellers, new and used, to buyers all over the world. Used boats or yachts will be shipped from the seller’s location while new boats and yachts will be shipped from the manufacturer’s place of business. Shipping destinations are located all over the world and include destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and many more.

As shipping is an integral piece of the AdamSea sales process, shippers are not only important but absolutely necessary. Every single sale which is made through AdamSea, whether new or used, requires a request for shipment quotes. The process for you as a shipper begins when the buyer has reached the Shipment section of their transaction. The buyer must fill out a Shipment Request form, after which the AdamSea sales engine sends email notifications to affiliated shipment companies, requesting a quote to be sent directly to the buyer’s email address. You will then click on the link you are sent to submit a quote to the buyer through your AdamSea account. When you click the link, the dashboard you are taken to will contain the origin and destination locations, boat information and other data in order to provide a quote. You must provide your quote within 24 hours of receiving the email. The buyer can view your quote in their member account.

By working with AdamSea as a shipper, you receive benefits for you and your company such as year round word, leads to ship vessels all over the world, access to new markets, and advertising services on only to name a few. Since AdamSea only works as a lead generator for your shipping services, you are responsible for the transactions between you and the buyers. This means there is no percentage of your fee which needs to go to AdamSea. In return, AdamSea asks that you abide by their terms of service and offer excellent customer service to their customers buying boats through them.

To register as a shipper with AdamSea, visit

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Become a Surveyor with AdamSea

Become a Surveyor with AdamSea

AdamSea recommends that each used boat purchased is surveyed before completing the purchase. Because of this, surveyors who register with AdamSea benefit from exclusive opportunities to survey a large variety of boats and yachts before they are shipped to destinations all over the world.

Your responsibilities as a surveyor begin after the buyer and seller have agreed on a price for the vessel. The buyer will then select Payment and be advised to have the vessel surveyed. The buyer is responsible for the cost of the survey. That cost will be transferred into a holding account which guarantees payments when the survey and inspection is done, and all reports, video and pictures are uploaded.

Once the buyer has requested for their boat to be surveyed, the closest surveyor will be sent a message from AdamSea to request their certification for the boat. If you are the closest surveyor, you will receive the boat description and the boat’s location. Once you acknowledge receipt of the request, you have 3 days to complete the certification process and complete and upload the finished report.

If you are interested in becoming an AdamSea survey partner, start by visiting Then go to Register and select “Boat Surveyor.” You can then fill out the required information online. Once you click register you will then receive an agreement ID which will allow you to generate your user name and password.

When you are in the system as a surveyor, your company will begin to receive survey and inspection tasks via email notification. This notification will contain a link which brings you right to your Boat Surveyor account dashboard. Your account will contain:

  • Accurate yacht location
  • Customized AdamSea standard survey report (download from dashboard)
  • Payment notification
  • Yacht specifications

You must use the AdamSea standard report of certification/survey to survey the vessel.

A surveyor for AdamSea receives numerous benefits and privileges not only for yourself but for your company. You have the ability to work year round as AdamSea customers come from all around the world. You are given surveying tasks within your province, so your jobs will not be too far from home. You have the potential to perform hundreds of surveys with access to all new clients and marinas. Through AdamSea, your payment is guaranteed upon completion.

Register Now!

The AdamSea Buyer Experience

The AdamSea Buyer Experience

The boat buying process can be a daunting task, especially if that process is done entirely online. Luckily, AdamSea is there to ease some of the stress associated with buying a boat online. With AdamSea, you will buy from safe, secure sellers. Along with security, AdamSea can offer you as a buyer a pleasant, one-stop, hassle free buying experience.

Buyers will begin their search for the perfect vessel by registering with an AdamSea account. Once logged in, AdamSea offers options for both basic and advanced searches for boats. Simply enter your criteria for either type of search and sift through the watercrafts that match your specifications.

My Boat.
Eventually you will find a boat or yacht you wish to purchase, and when that time comes you will begin your correspondence with the seller by clicking “Buy It Now.” Then you can talk to the seller and make sure the boat is still available and view boat details such as length, engine type, and other characteristics. If you still wish to buy the boat after viewing the details, you click “Confirm to Buy.” You will then move to Negotiation.

During the negotiation, you will negotiate directly with the seller without any type of intervention from AdamSea. The boat you are trying to buy will have a price listed as either “Negotiable” or “Fixed.” If fixed, you will proceed to Payment. If negotiable, you will enter your proposed price. Once the seller accepts the price, you will proceed to Payment.

Here you will see full cost of the boat including the cost of certification and tax, but excluding the shipping cost; this will be determined later. AdamSea also give you the freedom to choose the payment method for the certification. AdamSea advises that every boat undergo certification to ensure the boat you buy is functioning properly. Once paid, you move to Certify (Survey) My Boat.

Certify (Survey) My Boat. 
The closest surveyor will be sent a request to certify your boat. They receive the boat description and the boat location. Once the request for certification is received, the certifier has 3 days to complete the request and upload the Report.

In this section, you receive the certificate as a PDF file, pictures of the boat, and a video of the boat. You will then circle back to Payment.

You place funds in escrow with AdamSea as per one of their payment options based on the price of the boat. AdamSea then moves to the Shipment process once the payment is received.

You will complete a Shipment Request form. You will then receive a shipping quote from shipping companies via email. Choose the shipping vendor you want, and make a payment directly to the shipper and not via AdamSea or the seller.

New Boat
They buying process for a new boat is similar to that of a used boat, but you do not get to negotiate a price and the boat does not need outside certification.

AdamSea audits every one of your transactions every step of the way. This ensures safety for both you as the buyer and for the seller. AdamSea auditors will decline any transaction that does not meet AdamSea terms of service, does not have complete reporting, or is suspicious in nature—allowing you peace of mind during the entire process.

Now you are the proud owner of a water traveling vessel, providing hours of enjoyment for you and your family and friends. Travel safely!

To register as a buyer FREE on Adamsea, click the link -

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Safety Procedures to Keep In Mind

Safety Procedures to Keep In Mind
Some of the best vacations or relaxing weekends can be had on a boat. Accidents do happen, however, and when they do it is best to be prepared. Most of the items on this list are quick and easy to check every time your vessel hits the water, and some of these safety steps should be kept in mind for certain situations no matter if you have guests on board or not. Employ these safety measures before, during, and after you sail

Before Departure
Check Weather Conditions
You most likely have already done this while planning a water-bound holiday, but make sure you double check once again before departing. Weather conditions can change in an instant, and you do not want to find yourself in the middle of a storm while trying to enjoy some relaxation time.

Check for Required Safety.
The Coast Guard requires anyone sailing to have certain safety items on board. These items should be accounted for every time you set sail, and they can be kept on board to be stored when your vessel is not on the water. The list of items the Coast Guard requires is:

· Life jackets
· Throwable flotation device
· Horn or sound-producing device
· Fire extinguishers
· Flares or other visual distress signals
· Operational navigation lights

Perform Engine Checks. Ensure that your engine is working properly before you take off. This preventative maintenance takes some time before every excursion, but it is nothing compared to what you will go through if you experience engine troubles on the water.· Check lubricating oil

· Check fuel level
· Check the function of buzzers on engine panel
· Verify cooling water flow
· Check for oil pressure
· Attach kill switch lanyard if applicable

Implement a Float Plan. Have a point of contact on shore who knows when you are setting sail, where you are going, and when you plan to arrive/return. This person should be contacted with updates if problems arise and your plan changes.
On the Water.Drink Responsibly. Accidents happen at any time, but they are more likely to happen when inhibitions are lowered. Have fun, but remember that you are still on the water and limit your drinking to an appropriate level.

Keep an Eye on the Weather. Though you should have checked the weather beforehand, you should still keep an eye out for weather which looks concerning. Use your best judgement and take shelter at the nearest harbor or marina if you do not think you should keep sailing.
Know Where the Nearest Harbor Is. If you do run into a problem while on the water, you should know where the safest harbor is. Do not rely on searching for a harbor you do not know the exact location of when you need help or safety.
At the Dock.

Moor Boat Securely. Be sure the water craft is secured at the bow, stern, spring lines, and fenders. Also make sure the lines are protected from chafe. Connect Shore Power Cable. Double check that the battery charger is connected and switched on. Check that the power cable is protected from chafe. Ensure that the inverter is turned off if it needs to be. Close Float Plan. Let your contact know that you have arrived or returned to your destination safely.

Visit AdamSea to register to rent or offer boats for charter or to rent or charter a boat.